About the Club

We are an inclusive sports community in Knoxville, Tennessee promoting the Irish sports of Hurling (our primary focus), Gaelic Football and Camogie. We welcome all to participate!

From Spring through Fall, we have training sessions weekly (bi-weekly during the heart of the season). We also divide the club into two pub league teams and play a few games against one another each season. We play teams from outside Knoxville too, traveling to several regional tournaments per year and hosting our own right here in Knoxville in the Fall.

We typically attend Knoxville’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and occasionally have a presence at other community events. If you frequent Suttree’s Landing, World’s Fair Park, or Sam Duff park, you might see our club running around swinging sticks. Come say hi! We’re friendly and are always happy to introduce people to the sport

The club has been going strong since 2016, and you can keep an eye on our Facebook page or Instagram for announcements and events. Membership fees are minimal, though members who wish to travel to Gaelic Athletic Association tournaments must purchase a GAA membership in order to be eligible to play (this membership includes some supplemental insurance, which can be handy when playing a very physical stick-wielding sport).

We provide loaner equipment for newcomers, but once you’re hooked on the sports, you’ll likely need to purchase some equipment of your own.