Fixtures & Results

The Knoxville Gaelic Athletic Club plays in a couple of different sorts of hurling events. We participate in regional tournaments with teams from other clubs mostly in the southeast district of the U.S. Gaelic Athletic Association. The winners of these tournaments earn the chance to compete in nationals.

We also run a pub (or city) league for which club members are divided into teams at the beginning of the season. These teams compete internally a few times per season. This allows the club as a whole to get more playing time and particularly affords those who are not able to travel to tournaments to get some action in real game-play situations.

In October, we host our annual Scruffy City Invitational tournament that draws teams from the southeast and beyond.

Read on for fixtures and results for both types of play for 2021.


There are no further planned matches for 2021 other than a stick-toss match within the club.